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ECHEBERRY is a Kingston upon Thames based painter, architect and University lecturer with Basque roots. He describes himself as a nomad of the XXIst Century as he lived in Basque Country, Denmark, Rome, Warsaw and London.
His natural interest in creativity - as a way to understand the essence of beauty - has been evolving constantly wherever he was, however it always comes back to his roots. He does not have a clear pattern in his works, due to the fact that he runs away from repetitive solutions. 
His references are architects like Richard Neutra, Alvar Aalto, Mies van der Rohe, etc., artists like J. Oteiza, and painters like Hockney, J.M. Lazkano, Matisse, etc. 
He received a very early formation from May Colmenero and continued there all over his childhood. In the University he received artistic drawing lessons while he was studying architecture. During the period he lived in Rome he received lessons from Ms. Cianci when he changed his way of painting into a more natural and freer. Since then, he mixes hidden meanings and metaphors with simple spaces to suggest self-emotional states.


"This creativity has something in myself which attracts my soul. It starts a conversation with the surrounding world and finds peace in this path.


Sormen honek badu nigan zerbait erakartzen nauena. Erabateko aritzean dantzan jartzen nauena. Gogoa hizketan hasten zait inguruarekin, inguratzen nauenarekin. Segi eta segi horretan bilatzen du atsedena, inori adierazi beharko ez balio antzera, sen hutsaren eskutik dijoa bidean. Hemen naukazu."

BATELAK SERIAL Batelak (or small boats in basque) is a serial of minimal expression of what it was a basque sea life's heritage.
ITSASOA SERIAL Itsasoa (or sea in basque) is a serial of sea textures.
ESPAZIOAK SERIAL Espazioak (or Spaces in basque) is a combination of architectural iconic places and imaginary space ideas used as a reference when projecting the artist's own projects.
ESPAZIOAK SERIAL Espazioak (or SPACES in basque) is a serial of spaces with interest 
MALTATIK HERRIA SERIAL Maltatik Herria (or "From Malta to Home" in basque) is a serial in which in each piece the artist started painting a Maltese landscape and continue with forms that evoke his hometown memories"


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