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  1. "Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions together with the terms of any applicable Specification Document, questionnaire, or any information required shared by with the customer.

  2. "Customer" (or "client") means the organization or person who purchases services from this website "".

  3. "Intellectual Property Rights" means all patents, registered and unregistered designs, copyrights, trademarks, know-how, and all other forms of intellectual property wherever in the world enforceable

  4. "Specification Document" means a statement of work, quotation, or other similar document describing the goods and services to be provided by the Supplier.


  1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all services that this website offers.

  2. After the payment of the services, Echeberry could send a variation of deadlines, due to annual leaves. If so, Echeberry will try to achieve a logical agreement with the customer, and if not, pay the exact amount of the price the customer paid. This amount won´t be liable for being increased due to rate changes, any tax rate, or any kind of value fluctuation that the customer had to deal with.


  1. By making payment and buying any of the design packages on this website, the customer accepts to receive an extrictively indicative design proposal.

  2. Echeberry´s design concepts require to be checked with a professional as an architect as these images are mere conceptual ideas and are not subject to any liability caused by using them for construction.

  3. The designs bought on this website cannot be trusted as fully compliant designs with any law or regulation of any kind.


  1. Any disputes, for whatever reason (arising before, during or after the design process) the payment of the services shall not entitle the Customer to claim the money back. Any disputes will be dealt with promptly by as a separate issue. Where a dispute is running for more than one month (4 weeks)´s owner reserves the right to agree stage payments.

  2. Not liking the result of the aesthetics of the design proposal shall not entitle the Customer to a kind of claim.

  3. The design proposal received by the client (from or any email used to provide any service offered on the mentioned website) not being compliant with any law or regulation shall not entitle the Customer to any kind of claim. The design proposals offered on are extremely indicative.


  1. To enable the service to perform its obligations under this Terms and conditions the Customer shall cooperate with the owner of

  2. The Customer may be required to provide the owner of with any information reasonably required by the mentioned owner.

  3. The Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions and consents that may be required after receiving the indicative design ideas from and before any further steps of any kind.

  4. The Customer is responsible for contacting any professional necessary to check if the design proposal sent by is compliant with any law that may be applied, such as planning applications, building regulations, or any other (local, national, or international) laws and regulations.

  5. The Customer is responsible for complying with such other requirements as may be set out in this Terms and conditions or otherwise agreed between the parties.

  6. The Customer shall be liable to compensate the owner of for any expenses incurred by the owner of as a result of the Customer’s failure to comply with any of the clauses in this document.

  7. Without prejudice to any other rights to which the Supplier may be entitled, if the Customer unlawfully terminates or cancels the goods and services agreed to in this terms and conditions accepted automatically by making the payment of any service offered on this website, the Customer shall be required to pay to the owner of as agreed damages and not as a penalty the full amount of any third party costs to which the owner of has committed and in respect of cancellations on less than five working days’ written notice the full amount of the goods and services contracted for as set out in this Terms and conditions, and the Customer agrees this is a genuine pre-estimate of the owner´s of losses in such a case. For the avoidance of doubt, the Customer’s failure to comply with any obligations under any clause of this document shall be deemed to be a cancellation of the goods and services and subject to the payment of the damages set out in this Clause.


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